The Whitewind Company Management


John decker


John has 30 years of experience in corporate aviation and is responsible and accountable for the overall operation of the company and aircraft.  He has over 10,000 flight hours and flies regularly as Captain on the Global Express.




Steve has been with the company since 1996. He has been an integral part in the success of Whitewind. Steve supervises all financial affairs and manages a staff of personnel responsible for daily office operations.

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loredana pietrini

lead flight attendant

Loredana is responsible for cabin attendants inflight service training; organizes the logistics for passenger needs and coordinates and assists Cabin Attendants to assure flight safety and regularity.


John watts

director of operations

ATP Rated pilot, Check Airman and Licensed A & P. John is responsible for day-to-day aircraft operations and flight crew oversight. Interfaces with the F.A.A. on regulatory issues.

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david warras

chief pilot

Dave is an ATP rated pilot and responsible for day-to-day management of both Pilots and Flight Attendants, along with coordination of their schedule and training.


brian sutch

director of flight standards

Brian has over 25 years experience in corporate aviation and flies regularly on the Challenger 604. He is responsible for the standardization and training of all company pilots and is the primary company liaison with the FAA.


ken lavine

director of maintenance

Ken is currently responsible for the day-to-day aircraft maintenance, maintenance/completion oversight and maintenance planning. Interfaces with the FAA on a regulatory basis.

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david lewis

operations manager

David currently oversees the planning department and is responsible for ensuring the flight schedule is adhered to and all logistical support is arranged.

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reinaldo ortiz

director of safety

Reinaldo’s primary responsibility is the implementation of the Whitewind Company Safety Program. He is also responsible for safety protocols as they relate to ISBAO and WYVERN program requirements. He also flies as Captain on the Global Express series aircraft.