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Whitewind is capable of managing aircraft virtually anywhere in the world. No detail is too insignificant to be overlooked.

Management Overview

In today’s complex business environment, many companies and individuals have discovered the value and peace of mind brought through hiring aviation professionals to handle all their aircraft related interests. With our extensive worldwide experience along with the communication infrastructure that exits today, Whitewind is capable of managing aircraft virtually anywhere in the world.

The bottom line is we are able to offer extremely cost-effective service while providing a higher level of customer service because we are a small group of professionals with an intense desire to get the job done safely and economically. No detail is too insignificant or is overlooked.

Safety and security are invaluable benefits of aviation with The Whitewind Company. We are very proud of our safety record. Our captains are among the most experienced internationally qualified pilots in the industry. The median experience of our pilots is over 10,000 hours.

Management Benefits - Because Time is Your Most Valuable Asset

The Whitewind Company Offers:

All Inclusive Aircraft Management fee provides:
Customized Programs - Choose Your Features & Benefits

Choose Only What You Need, When You Need It

This program allows you to choose which features and benefits best suit your unique requirements. For example, if your company wishes to employ their own pilots, flight attendants or mechanics, we can customize a program to address those desires.

Some companies choose to contract an aircraft management company only to offer their aircraft for charter. This option allows an aircraft owner to immediately offer their aircraft for charter, saving substantial time and money compared to the arduous task of obtaining their own 135-charter certificate.

Of course, you will still benefit from our buying power, resulting in substantial discounts on fuel, insurance, crew training, flight handling, parts, etc.

In addition, senior management remains close to the customer and is always available to answer your questions, concerns or provide industry advice to help maximize the value and efficiency of your asset. All aircraft management personnel are hands on and active pilots or maintenance technicians.

Turnkey Management - Entrust All Operational Details in Us

Improves Efficiency

One of the greatest benefits of the Turn Key Management Program is a reduction in your overhead through the sharing of office personnel. The costs of secretarial and bookkeeping staff may be shared with other clients and, in some cases, the cost of additional flight crew may be shared with other customers, eliminating the need to pay a full salary when only a part-time crew member is needed.

Save Time & Money

The collective Expertise of a Management Company translates into great safety, lower costs, greater efficiency and reduced liability, all without the burden of administrative, operational and human resource issues. This allows you to devote your time to your core business rather than to aircraft management.

One Call to Schedule a Trip

The program gives the owner the convenience of placing only one call to arrange a flight or learn anything they want to know about their aircraft.

Whitewind makes aircraft ownership simple.
Our full service aircraft management provides the following:

Managing Aircraft Virtually Anywhere

We provide extremely cost-effective service while providing a higher level of customer service. Customize a program with us today and get the benefits of the Whitewind management team. What are you waiting for?

We handle everything. Transportation, catering, & helicopters.

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